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Sunday, September 21, 2014


KUCHING, Sept 21 -– Villagers of Kampung Semadang at the 38km Jalan Puncak Borneo near here held a peaceful demonstration to protest illegal logging activities on their communal land forest.
They also protested the use of the 2.5km Kampung Semadang-Kampung Danu Road by a logging
company to facilitate movement of its machineries and transportation of logs.

Village chief, Samson Mangang said during a meeting today, the village’s development and
security committee and the villagers unanimously agreed to protest any form of illegal logging in
the forest.

He said they would prevent any vehicle or machinery from the logging company from passing
through the road and encroaching their land.

He said that on Friday, two of the logging company's machineries was seen entering the  intended logging area, via the newly-built road.

"The road is built for the convenience of the villagers and not for logging purposes,” said Samson, adding that several land owners had given away their land for the construction of the road  without any compensation paid to them so far.

Samson said the transportation of logs passing through the road would damage the road and pose
danger to other road users and the villagers.

He said, the logging activities would also pollute the rivers around the area as well as causing air pollution.

A check with the Forestry Department confirmed that there was no licence issued for logging activities in the area.

Kampung Semadang headman Samson Mangang (centre) joining the villagers during the demonstration.
Meanwhile it is believed that enforcement officers has questioned those individuals involved in brokering the logging activities.

At today's meeting the villagers also unanimously agreed to write to the State Land and Survey Department to stop the approval of the land area for the proposed Kampung Danu Palm Oil
Plantation as there are land disputes within the proposed plantation's area.

"We had discovered that quite a large area of our communal land are being encroached for the proposed oil palm plantation and we want to settle the matter first before the Land and Survey
can grant the approval," said Samson.

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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Australian students stayed with Danu Villagestay

A group of eleven Australian students who are on their 6-month study programme at Swinburne University Sarawak Campus spent three days two nights with Danu Villagestay in Kampung Danu, Padawan last weekend.

During their stay here varoius fun-filled activities and tours were arranged to keep them busy and occupied whole day long.

On the first day they visited Kampung Annah Rais Longhouse and the hotspring near the longhouse.

Upon returning from the longhouse trip they went swimming in the upper Sarawak River.

In the evening they were served with the traditional local signature dishes - the famous bamboo rice and bamboo chicken.

Some of the vegetables served are from our own farm and some are collected from the surrounding jungle.

At night they entertained themselves with karaoke.

On the second day they visited the Keyu Cave situated about 30-minute walk from Kampung Danu and bathed at a nearby waterfall.

Along their way they had the chance to spot the flora and fauna, enjoy the beauty of the tropical rainforest, learn the traditional way of survival skill in the jungle, identify the herbs and its usage in natural healing,

birds and wildlife watching and feel the calm in the jungle.

At night the group travelled to Kampung Semadang (nearby village) to attend the closing of Gawai Festival (harvest festival) where they had the opportunity to see for themselves the Gawai rituals.

They were served with food and drinks and also joined the traditional Bidayuh dance and poco-poco.  

They also had the opportunity to learn how to cook bamboo rice and bamboo chicken from their host, Robert Kenneth and his wife. They were also served with other local sumptuous dishes.

"It taste sweet, juicy and tasty - simply delicious," said Jessica McDonnell, who came from Lockhart, New South Wales.

She said the rice wrapped in leave and the 'buah cempedak masak lemak' was delicious.

"I also like the pumpkin, it is delicious," she commented.

They also had a barbicue where they for the first time tasted the pig face barbicue (head).

"It's crispy and delicious," they commented.

 "Overall we enjoyed the activities and the tours. We will definitely tell our experience to my family members and friends back home in Australia,"  they all said.

Jessica said she also intend to bring along his family members to visit Sarawak in the future.

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Monday, July 7, 2014

In conjuction with the upcoming Padawan Raft Safari on August 3, several homestay along the Jalan Puncak Borneo are offering special rates for their rooms.

Tourists as well as the locals can experience night-life at Kampung Danu, Kampung Annah Rais and Kampung Temurang on Aug 2 where there will be cultural show and traditional food and drinks served.

The operator of a village stay in Kampung Danu - Danu Villagestay - where the raft safari will start, Robert Kenneth said his homestay is offering a very special price at only RM60 per room or RM20 per person per night.

He said his guests will have free use of karaoke and BBQ set.

For book, contact Robert Kenneth at 013 2036553 or email to  (note: the first letter is L).

The Padawan Municipal Council (MPP) has announced at a press conference here recently that some 200 teams are expected at the Padawan Raft Safari 2014 to be flagged off at three starting points, namely Kampung Annah Rais, Kampung Temurang and Kampung Danu on Aug 3.

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Danu Village Stay is the ultimate in "meet-the-people" experience

ONE FOR THE ALBUM: Foreign tourists in front of Danu Village Stay. Danu Village Stay Danu Village Stay is an accommodation in the Bidayuh village - Kampung Danu at the Borneo Highlands Road Road to cater for both local foreign visitors. Guests at the village stay will have the opportunity to experience the real Bidayuh way of life.

The Bidayuh are one of 36 ethnic groups in the state of Sarawak in Malaysia. The Bidayuh are extremely hospitable and friendly people and visiting them in their village is an excellent way to immerse yourself in their Bidayuh culture.Guests will have the opportunity to experience the local foods, local customs and the lifestyle of the local people. Among the activities for the guests to choose from are visit a local traditional longhouse, participate in farming activties, visit to caves, visit to the waterfall, jungle trekking, long boat cruise along the Sarawak River and kayaking.

The villagers are warm, welcoming and appreciative of visitors interest in seeing how they live."Whichever option our guests choose, we promise them a memorable time - one which only a handful of tourists will ever experience," said the operator of the village stay Robert Kenneth. At Danu Village Stay, he said guests will stay in their own bedroom and they will find complete peacefulness while learning the village’s life of the Bidayuh enthic group.

"We also have jungle house in the rainforest, a farm where we grow pepper, vegetables, fruit trees, herbs and cocoa. We also have eight fish ponds," said Robert.He said although his guests will be staying in a traditional village environment, modern facilities are provided for them as the village stay is equipped with clean flush toilets, clean bedrooms, ceiling fan, clean kitchen, pipe water and reliable electricity supply.

The host will also arrange to pick their guests from the airport (Kuching International Airport) or the city area. "Staying in our village home also helps the village community as part of the rate goes directly back to the village to help fund the village upkeep," said Robert .The Borneo Highlands is a popular destination with stunning views of the beautiful rainforest, mountains and Bidayuh villages along your way to Danu Village Stay.

Beautiful pebble field in the Sarawak River at Kampung Danu.
About Danu Village

Danu Village is one of the Bidayuh villages in the Bidayuh heartland of Borneo along the Borneo Highlands Road, about 55km from Kuching City the capital city of Sarawak in Malaysia.The village is home to 60 families with about 400 people. To go to the village one need to cross a suspension bridge spanning over Sarawak River.Sited along the Sarawak River, the village boasts a beautiful landscape, making it an interesting spot for tourism.

A lot of activities can be organised for visitors here. They can go rafting, boat cruise, kayaking, fishing, jungle trekking and visit to the nearby caves and waterfall.During the dry season, a huge pebble sand field occupying the entire width of the river comes into view and is a perfect place for picnics. One can walk around the village garden and enjoy the river view from benches at the edge of the garden and visit the cultural/ceremonial house.

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